Sermons / Talks In 2019

At Christ Church, Totland

John Ch. 21 v1-19 and Acts Ch.9 v1 – 20. The Living Christ  – ‘God is Living and Serving through us’ 5 May 2019 – Peter Byatt

Do you want to be made well?–   John 5: 1-9 and also Acts 16:9-15 –  26th May 2019 – Hazel Britton

Sermons In 2018

*The Emerging Mission Community of the West Wight.

At Christ Church, Totland

* Change is coming to our Mission Community in the West Wight 18th November 2018 – Revd Leisa Potter

*James and Suzanne Cook’s Last Service at Christ Church. -‘Moving Forward in God’s Mission for this place and for this time’ 21st October 2018 – Revd. Leisa McGoven.

Who do you say I am 16th September 2018 – Revd. Leisa McGovern.

Faith In Jesus – The Light of the World – 9th September 2018 – Lucie Bell.

All of us fall short of the Glory of God – 16th August 2018 – Rev. Peter Vessey.

*More to learn ….Relationships with our fellow Church Members – 19th August 2018 – Revd. James Cook.

*Moving Forward with our Church – ‘What would you wish For?’29th July 2018 – Revd. Linda Porter.

*A Resurrection Community……. ‘In this place, in His way, for this time’ – 22nd July 2018 – Revd. Leisa McGovern.

The Transfiguring Nature Of A Calling From God – 24th June 2018 – The Revd. Clive Todd.

 Environment Sunday – 3rd June – Jane Walton

Take up thy cross – 25th February – Revd.  James Cook

Saved, Strengthened and Sent to Serve – 18th February – Revd. James Cook

Do it Quietly! A sermon for Ash Wednesday – 14th February – Revd. James Cook

A Sign of the Times – 21st January 2018 – Revd. James Cook


At All Saints’ Church, Freshwater

Crumbs……..They are more than enough! – 9th September – Revd. Leisa McGovern


At St James’ Church, Yarmouth

More to learn ….Relationships with our fellow Church Members – 19th August 2018 – Revd. James Cook

*‘Who are You Lord?’…… help us understand who Jesus is. – 5th August 2018 – Revd. James Cook

  Called to Care – A sermon for Vocation Sunday – 22 April 2018 – Revd. James Cook

Who, me? – 14th January 2018 – Revd. James Cook

At St Swithin’s  Church, Thorley

Chosen In Christ ……… encourage us to receive Jesus as The Bread of Life. – 12th August 2018 – Revd. James Cook


Sermons In 2017

At Christ Church , Totland

No Longer Plodding’ – a Christmas Day message from James Cook with Ned the Donkey

‘Communicating with God’ – James’ Christmas Sermon – 24 December 2017 – Rev. James Cook – Press the play button  >  below to hear James’ Christmas Sermon 

‘Listen out for an announcement‘ – 10th December 2017 – Rev James Cook

Martin Luther Sermon 3 – Rev. Peter Vessey – November 2017 – Press the play button >below to hear Peter’s 3rd sermon on Martin Luther

‘Forgiveness’ – 17th September 2017 – Rev. Peter Vessey

‘Mature in the Faith’ 27th August 2017 – Rev. James Cook

‘The Flower Festival’  20th August 2017 – Rev. James Cook

At St. Agnes’ Church, Freshwater Bay

‘Taking Responsibility’  – 19th November 2017 – Rev. James Cook

‘You are invited’ – 15th October 2017 – Rev. James Cook

‘God’s Way’ – 3rd September 2017 – Rev. James Cook

‘Not Rejected’ –  20th August 2017  – Rev. James Cook

At St. James’ Church, Yarmouth

‘Mature in the Faith’ – 27th August 2017 – Rev. James Cook