At Christ Church, we believe that prayer should be at the centre of everything we do. It plays a major part in our worship services and in the everyday life of the church. We have a dedicated prayer ministry team as well as specific prayer groups. Prayer also plays a major part in home groups.


The following groups pray regularly for the work of our church, our ministry, mission partners and for individuals.

Thursday Prayer Meeting at 10.30am – A quiet reflective weekly prayer meeting in the Church following the Holy Communion service. Note: not the 4th Thursday of the month.

Prayers for the Parish is a more structured time of prayer held on the 4th Thursday in the month in the Church at either 2.30pm or 7.30pm. Check the calendar for this month’s time. Prayer focuses on the work and ministry of the church and the needs of our parish.

Missionary Prayer Group. This group meets on the first Monday of the month at 10.30am at the home of one of the members. Contact us to find out more and see our Mission page to find out who we partner with.


Our dedicated prayer ministry team is ready and waiting to pray for you or your loved ones. There are various ways of accessing them: 

Prayer Request Book. A book is available in the prayer corner for you to write your prayer requests. It is checked regularly by the team who undertake to pray for you.

Prayer Chain.  Any member of the team can put your request on the telephone prayer chain. Each member of the chain will pray for you but your request will not be made known beyond members of the chain.

Prayer Corner.  Members of the prayer ministry team are available in the prayer corner of the side aisle after each service. They will listen to you and pray with you – again nothing will be shared with others.

Table top sale.  Members of the prayer team are also available at the monthly table top sales in the church hall on Totland Broadway.