It is always a joy to experience the gifts of so many people from around our FYT mission community who express our worship through reflections, talks and intercessory prayers.

Take the opportunity to read again and use these prayers as we bring before God what is on our own hearts. Our prayers this week were prepared by Alison Grieve.


INTERCESSION PRAYERS “ZOOM CHURCH” July 12 2020 .. In eased lockdown

Readings The sower Matthew 13:1-9; 18-23; Psalm 65

The Peace shared amongst us in a world where peace is scare …

Lord of the World

Almighty God,

In these times of upheaval and distress when anxiety levels are rising, we pray for those suffering financial emotional or physical hardship as a result of Covid 19 ; those locked down in difficult and in dangerous circumstances
Thank you where our home are safe places to be; we pray for those everywhere and even in our communities where that is not the case . May you be at work to bring peace even in anxious times where the way ahead is not clear and provide places of security where that becomes essential; may there be compassionate and seeing communities who response to need
For our government and those around the world with difficult decisions to make .. give wisdom, and breadth of vision; and as we have faced and continue to face this threat together may there be an increased sense of facing the challenges together from leaders everywhere with a desire to support countries that are more vulnerable. May there be honesty and integrity in dealings and generosity from those with more to provide for those with less.
Lord in Your Mercy … Hear our Prayer.

Many areas of our world need our prayers this morning and many places may be on your heart and you are crying to God for resolution of long running wars and places of hardship. Pray in particular for the country of Yemen..
Compassionate and Loving God we lift to you the people of Yemen. We hardly know how to pray and to understand the problems they face with the virus coming on top of more than 5 years of war, cholera, malaria and 80% of the population facing starvation. It breaks our hearts as we know it must break yours. Thank you for the courage and resilience of the aid agencies that are at work there and we pray that ways might open up to get aid in the worst of the areas. And we pray too for generosity from across the world to come to the aid of those people. We pray against the anger and the hatred of the factions and interests that continue to inspire violence and are causing the deaths of those caught in the middle; everyone of which is dear and precious in your sight.
Lord In Your Mercy … hear our prayer.

Lord of the Church

We pray for your people around the world – that everywhere they might proclaim your truth and saving mercy, sowing and nurturing the seeds of your gospel. Thank you for all those places here and across the world where your people are in the forefront of support for those caught up with the impact of Covid 19. We especially pray where that has given opportunities to reach out and break down barriers of faction and suspicion. We pray for all those who lead churches particularly in the difficult parts of the world that they know your presence in all they do and stay faithful to you and close to you their Faithful Lord and God.
Oh God our Father be near to all those communities which are being denied their right to practise their faith in safety. We bring to you your people in the world where to own your name is to risk harassment, prison or death. Strengthen and encourage your people in India, China, Pakistan and Nigeria who daily face violence and death for staying true to you. May each one of them know your presence and that they are indeed salt and light in the lives of their countries. We pray for those in government in those places to protect the rights of all of their people and not bow to extremist or sectarian demands.
Lord in Your Mercy hear our prayer.

Lord of our lives

We pray for ourselves … for our churches and our communities here in West Wight … for Leisa our
vicar, for Julia our administrator and for all our church wardens. Thank you for all they do to keep us
a church community that prays together and knows and follows you. May we too plant and nurture
the seed of the gospel in this place and daily increase and share the peace that we have shared
across the zoom this morning. Give peace to those for whom this period of isolation has been
particularly difficult where technology has been no substitute for human contact and where loss and
bereavement remain fresh and painful.
As we find ways to lift the lockdown may we continue to build our community, recognising the needs
around us , responding to the promptings that come from you. May we be generous in the
resources and gifts that you have given us and especially in our prayers.
May our churches become increasingly places of welcome and safety and may all who enter know
your presence and find there what their souls need. And for each of us here this morning may we be
encouraged to love and serve you more each day whatever season of life we may be in … To you be
the Glory and the Building of your Kingdom.

Merciful Father Accept these prayers in the name of your son, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.