As we remember our own Father on this particular Sunday, we each can have many different feelings and emotions about our particular relationship. However, one thing we can be sure of, above everything else in this imperfect world, we are all children of a heavenly Father, who loves and cares for us deeply.

Read and use the prayers prepared by Hazel that bring before God the desires and concerns of His children.

Intercessions 21st June – Father’s Day – 2nd after Trinity


Almighty God We come before you today as your children, in humility, in awe, and with the desire to be the people you created us to be. We come too in the comfort and knowledge of your parenthood, no matter what our earthly experiences of family life are. Help us to know that you are the perfect parent, the one who truly knows what is best for us, who knows what we need before we do, who will always be on our side no matter how much or how often we disappoint you.

We remind ourselves of this love in the words of the song by Stuart Townend:


How vast beyond all measure,

That He should give His only Son

To make a wretch His treasure.


Lord in your mercy

Hear our prayer


Heavenly Father We thank you for our families – our relatives, our church family, our friendship groups – and we lift them up to you now. We are sorry for all the times we’ve let friends and family down…. For the petty squabbles, the lack of communication, not being there when they needed us….

Conversely, we bring before you the hurts we have suffered when friends and family have upset or let us down. We acknowledge that relationships are not always easy, that they need time and effort, patience and forbearance, that we will disagree – strongly at times – but we ask you to give us the grace to see beyond the differences and love each other through it all.

Make us a channel of your peace.

Lord, in your mercy

Hear our prayer


Mighty God

The world is vast and the universe even greater – we are like specks in infinity – but your word tells us that even the hairs of our head are counted. As we live through these strange and challenging times, the comfort of knowing that you are in control sustains us. As Governments strive to find the safest and best way to restart normal life, and we make our own personal decisions about how we will respond to the easing of lockdown, help us daily to look to you as giver or our strength.

As we prepare to open our church buildings for private prayer, we ask that your presence will be felt by everyone entering these holy spaces. But let us never forget that we are the church and we can function with or without a building. Help us to do that better and use the easing of lockdown restrictions to find more ways of engaging with those in our communities who need to know more of you. The opportunities have never been greater – open our eyes to them we pray.

Lord in your mercy

Hear our prayer


Lord of the Nations We lift to you the mission work of our churches at home and abroad. We pray for our mission partners across the world whose task has been made even harder by the pandemic. The rise in poverty and other endemic diseases in Africa and other 3rd world countries where lockdown makes it so difficult to access health care, food, and education. Help us not to be so inwardly focussed that we forget the problems elsewhere.

We pray for our mission at home – the work of the Foodbank continuing throughout the lockdown, the CTWW Youth Project continuing to support our young people, our churches and community taking care of their neighbours.

For ourselves….

As we look forward to the day when we can see our family and friends again, hug them, laugh and cry with them we give thanks for technology that has enabled us to keep in touch at a distance through voice or video calls.

We think of those who have lost loved ones in this time and were unable to say Goodbyes in person. Comfort them with their memories and the knowledge that those loved ones have run the race and won the prize – life with you in paradise. Be with those who grieve and help us to know how best to support them. We think now of those known to us – Barry Williams, John Geilinger – both who had huge impacts on the faith of those who knew them. – we thank you for lives well lived and we lift their grieving families to you.

We pray for all who are ill, those in pain – physically and emotionally – and we ask for your healing touch on those we bring to mind now.

Merciful Father accept these prayers for the sake of your son, our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.