” Sometimes I sit and think…

…. and sometimes I just sit”.



People have said to me how much they enjoy the sense of peace and tranquility they get from just sitting in our churchyard at Christ Church. In a stressful, fast-paced world our churchyard offers  a place to escape to, to wander around and just sit, rest and think for a while.

In its 136 year history our churchyard and church have provided a sense of solidarity and timelessness, a glimpse of life that was simpler and perhaps less stressful.

Our Churchyard benches have not been there 136 years but after many years of use, we have had to remove benches that no longer meet Health and Safety requirements. (Oh, no! I hear you say not Health and Safety again!) but this time it was necessary, and this has left us bereft of benches that are safe to sit on.

If you would like to contribute towards providing the means to enjoy the peace and beauty of our churchyard or even would like to purchase a bench in memory of a loved one, then please contact Robin Gosden (Christ Church Cemetery Warden) to find out how this can be arranged. Thank you!

Tel (01983) 754110

email: robin.gosden@talktalk.net

or via our website : Contact Us – Churchyard