At Christ Church, the congregation are really blessed and encouraged by a variety of speakers from our lay leadership team who share their wisdom, knowledge and leadership skills to support Leisa our team vicar by organising the All Age Worship Services on the 1st Sunday of each month. It is refreshing and healthy for us to have such a variety of trained speakers who work as a team to share their gift of evangelism in this way. These informal talks cover a variety of topics that are aimed to appeal to a wide age group and explain simply the relevance of the Gospel message to life today. If you have not been to one of these services then why not give them a try. If you are not able to get to church for any reason, then we are beginning to add these talks to our website along with sermons from our other mission community churches in the West Wight.These can be accessed via the Worship Tab on our Home page. or follow this link   -Enjoy!