As we gradually evolve into closer working relationships within our local church communities, check out the latest 5 sermons from James, Leisa, and Linda and hear what they have to say about change and our evolving mission community. Look for the sermons highlighted in RED.

19th Aug 2018 – Revd. James Cook.  ‘More to Learn……Relationships with our fellow Church members.’

12th Aug 2018 – Revd. James Cook. ‘Who are You Lord?…….to help us understand who Jesus is’.

5th Aug 2018 – Revd James Cook.  ‘Chosen in Christ’…… encourage us to receive Jesus as The Bread of Life’

29th July 2018 -Revd. Linda Porter.  ‘Moving Forward with Our Church………What would you wish for?’

22nd July 2018 – Revd. Leisa McGovern. ‘A Resurrection Community………… ‘In this place, in His way, for this time.’

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